Friday, October 10, 2014

The Responsibilities of Re-enactors Redux!

My spousal unit, an authentic living historian with more knowledge about the American Civil War than I could ever acquire at this point in my life,  reminds me that as small business owners and Civil War sutlers I should just “count the money” rather than rant about the injustices that many re-enactors foist on the unsuspecting general public.

Sigh, I cannot control myself. My angst with the heinous acts perpetrated by persons who allege to promote authenticity overcomes my greed on a regular basis. Okay – I will take the money of the unfortunately attired. I’m not stupid! But I don’t have to approve! And I reserve the right to take surreptitious photographs of the most horrible offenders and to post them on Facebook!

Perhaps my rant was inspired by the knowledge that we will be attending another 150th event that will be attended by alleged re-enactors that have made no effort to conduct even the most preliminary research to confirm they are presenting an impression that will educate the public. Nope, instead they rely upon the purveyors of inauthentic crap that many sutlers will label as authentic because a) they don’t know any better; b) don’t care; or c) live in alternate universe. I’ve actually listened to the owners of these business talk about the authenticity of their wares while actually believing the propaganda. (forehead slap!).

Historically Accurate Original

Historically Accurate - Original

Historically Accurate Original


Burn this pattern!

I just hope at the event this coming weekend there will be no “traveling Tara” with a faux Scarlett O’Hara holding court in a vinyl tent. A windstorm blew Tara to smithereens last year. Apparently, even Mother Nature could not abide that abomination!

Let me remind one and all that if one decides to attend a re-enactment in any time period as a participant, one has a duty to history and our fellow man to make every effort to look at least mostly authentic. I implore you to read a book, look at original photographs or paintings if the period is before photography, and try to emulate what you see – not what some charlatan tries to sell you! If I see one more jaunty hat with matching tulle trailing down a woman’s back at a Civil War event I may just explode into microscopic bits! Just say NO! It is wrong!

These abominations sell out! They should be banned!

Original Sheer Bonnet

Excellent Reproduction

Raggedy Ann Socks- BAD!

This is what one should aspire to wear! Elegant!Originals!
And please - do not have President Lincoln wandering about and General Grant and General Lee at every event in a tent on "General's Row" !!!!! 

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