Friday, April 3, 2015

Embracing the Rebirth of Spring~

After a long harsh winter the portents of spring fill me with hope, awe, joy, and optimism. It is a time for rebirth, embracing something new, or celebrating change. The blooming daffodils and grape hyacinth signify the arrival of spring and renewal. Today I embraced warmth and humidity and the optimism that summer is just around the corner.

So today, the first Friday of April, I enjoyed a day away from work, started the day with my wellness check (although fasting blood work is agony when coffee is delayed), followed by a meeting at the bank, a shopping expedition at Talbots, a yoga practice at a new studio, lunch with girlfriends at a new concept restaurant in town, a meeting about launching the new website for our photography business, and renewing our Costco membership.

We are planning to renovate our master bathroom, paint our bedroom in a soothing color that feels spa like, re-organize the shed and garage, expand our deck, eliminate clutter, and focus on living an abundant life.

While it took me decades to appreciate the positive impact of change, I’ve learned to embrace it. Change is good. It represents growth.  Even when changing is challenging, it is a fact of life that we cannot evade. So, it is necessary to accept it, embrace it or roll with it. Fighting change is rarely successful.  So, I try to embrace it and celebrate the opportunities it brings.

And it will bring me a dynamic new bathroom so I can star in my personal “Calgon, take me away” commercial. Calgon, not….one of those couples in separate bathtubs in the woods commercials. Really, what’s with that?

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