Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Making Healthy Choices –~A New Yoga Direction

One of the benefits of aging is reaching a point in life when one becomes completely comfortable making healthy changes, even when it tests loyalty to a long time friend or associate.

For the past 10 years I’ve been a member of a local yoga studio that served me well for about 7 years.  However, the studio has grown in a different direction than I have grown. That is okay. For a long time our community had no other options. So I tried to fit my square peg into the hole that existed despite my frustration and discomfort. I just felt out of sorts.

But in the last few weeks I’ve discovered an opportunity for yoga practice that fits my needs, which includes classes that are accessible, available at the right time for me  (which is 5:30pm) and which help me find inner peace. It just feels right.

For sometime now I’ve felt I’d lost my ability to delve deep within myself and connect with the spirituality I used to find in my practice. But I’ve rediscovered that inner peace with Jala, a relatively new studio in Winchester, Virginia. I’ve found myself lost in the moving meditation and focus on my breath with my mind completely at rest.  Every class I’ve attended has felt right for me.

Perhaps it is the bloom of spring when everything seems possible. The changing of seasons fills the air. And I’ve learned over the years that change is positive. It is a catalyst for growth and new beginnings.

Part of me feels regret that I must move on. But another facet of my being feels invigorated, infused with the spirit of joy, healing, peace and serenity. And that is the path I have chosen to travel – to peace and serenity. So I know my decision is the right one for me.

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