Friday, April 10, 2015

Jumping on the DIY Bandwagon~

Casa Harrington in Spring

My husband and I have now lived in our house for 9 ½ years and we are feeling the overwhelming desire to update our bathrooms, kitchen, deck, laundry room and basement.  Furthermore, the entire interior needs to be painted.

The Old Wing Chair When it was New......1991

We have champagne taste and don’t want to compromise. After watching numerous home renovation shows on DIY and HGTV in addition to the “how to” tutorials on YouTube, we feel confident that we can achieve the updates that we desire with a lot of sweat equity and assistance from select professionals.

I have the OCD to ensure we follow through with our projects. Todd had the similar determination to make sure whatever we do is done correctly. He is a perfectionist. I have the drive to crack the whip to make sure we move the job along. This will either be the perfect collaboration or the perfect storm. I prefer to think towards the positive that this will be a joint effort that delivers what we want most economically. After all, we do not want to sacrifice fine wine and exquisite food to complete these renovations.

My First Recovering Project - Love the Seat Cushions!

Where to start is the big question. We’ve decided that if we are going to perform a great deal of the work ourselves, we will have to begin with smaller projects that will not impact our major living spaces such as a guest bathroom and laundry room. I’m also testing my resolve and focus by beginning my journey with an upholstery project. This evening I’ve begun to dismantle a custom fabricated wingchair. I will take photographs of every step, label each piece of fabric, use the pieces as pattern pieces for the new fabric, follow the instructions of those who have journeyed this way before, and re-assemble in reverse order.

And, if this endeavor is as successful as I envision, the rest of the soft furnishings are fair game.

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