Friday, August 7, 2015

An Advocate For Garnet Hill

I must admit I’m torn. I love (  Every morning I check the sale of the day. Truly, I do not want others to beat me to the punch for a sale of the day that appeals to me. But, I also want Garnet Hill to be successful and thrive. This is my conundrum. I want to save the deals for me; but I want the site to be successful enough to continue offering the sale of the day.

For anybody that appreciates cashmere, I must report that Garnet Hill’s cashmere is exquisite. I do not like cheap cashmere. It pills; it itches; it acts like cheap wool.  Fine quality cashmere is soft; resist pilling. Will last for decades, and breathes for any season. Nice cashmere thrives with wear. I’ve ordered several sweaters, wraps and accessories in cashmere from Garnet Hill and truly recommend their products.

As I’ve said I do not want to miss a particular color or style because I’ve sung the praises of Garnet Hill. But I would rather advocate for a quality vendor and be too late to purchase a particular item than not have the option of Garnet Hill because too few people shop the site.  So, against my better judgment I much insist that you check our the wonderful products that Garnet Hill has to offer so this site will continue to offer affordable, classic with a twist clothing that I not just appreciate but crave.

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