Sunday, August 9, 2015

Are Bamboo Sheets the Answer for Phase 2 of Life?

Cotton may have been KING in the mid-19th Century, but cotton is not a friendly fiber for a woman of a certain age experiencing personal heat waves. While high thread count Egyptian cotton sheets may be the perceived Holy Grail for general sleeping comfort, this fabric has not brought me nights of peaceful slumber for the last 10 years.  Nope, cotton retains moisture, which requires me to stumble into the linen closet in the midst of the night to retrieve a lofty cotton terry towel to provide a layer of dry warmth between my body and said sheets until the sheets recovered from my midlife challenges. I needed a solution!

After much research I decided to buy linen sheets. They are expensive but repel moisture and provided me with a luxuriously delightful sleep. However, my husband hated the linen. While I celebrate the texture of the linen and roll around in bed linen heaven, my husband constantly complains of the texture, which he equates to sleeping on a bed of nails.  Apparently these linens that I equate to sheet Nirvana cause my husband angst.

I insisted that he adapt and for the most part he has conceded the linen has softened with use. But he still requests cotton pillowcases.

My mom offered a solution – bamboo. She read that bamboo offers the same sleep solutions of moisture wicking as linen for half the cost. Plus, bamboo is soft. I looked for bamboo sheets online and wasn’t tempted. But Friday as I was shopping for barstools, a step stool, trash receptacles and lamb chops I happened upon a Bamboo Sheet Road Show at Costco. I was intrigued. The sales representative told me that the Road Show was held over by a day unexpectedly. I saw this as a sign. So, I decided to give bamboo a try. Tonight will be the test. The bamboo is much softer than linen (although I will always luxuriate in the glory of linen because I LOVE the fell of this fabric).  I am hoping that his provides both my husband and me a night of unencumbered sleep. We shall see.


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