Thursday, March 10, 2016

More Self Care – Taking a Vacation Day in the Middle of the Week~

One of the benefits of achieving some seniority at work is additional Paid Time Off (“PTO”) days to use for a day of mental health recharging. While I would really prefer a week at the beach right now, that just isn’t in the cards. So I opted for the next best thing and scheduled a day of PTO for today, an ordinary Thursday that promised to provide one of those pre-spring days that gives a hint of the summer to come.

As I’ve expressed in earlier posts things are a bit stressful at work with all of the changes afoot following my company’s acquisition by a competitor. Despite my best intentions to go with the flow, I’ve found myself struggling with apathy, frustration, sadness, and a lack of focus. My husband told me yesterday when I was in the midst of a rant to “buck it up Buttercup”! I didn’t know whether to laugh of sock him!

To reboot my attitude I indulged in a day of leisure – sipping coffee on the screened in porch reading Vanity Fair surrounded by the cats. Really, what’s with all of the models sporting such dour expressions! If I were wearing such lovely designer fashions I would surely be grinning from ear to ear. A grimace does not make me long for the clothes. And the facial contouring fad must go! But, I digress.

Since I work from home it was an absolute necessity that I venture into town to fully appreciate my mid-week freedom. So I dropped the ragtop on the convertible and sped into town for a relaxing lunch on the patio of my favorite bistro and my Kindle. Nothing says indulgence to me like dining al fresco with a nice glass of Sauvignon Blanc reading a new thriller while enveloped in warm breezes.

After lunch I wandered into shops on the walking mall, visited my favorite boutique and drove a bit with the top down to feel the breeze in my hair. What joy I felt! After my winter hibernation I feel ready to face the world and work again thanks to a much-needed mid-week break.

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