Monday, March 27, 2017

My Ideal Guest List for a Gathering of Women in History

In my efforts to become reacquainted with my literary muse I began to consider who I would love to invite if I could be granted a wish to host a gathering of fascinating women in history. My invitation list would, of course, be eclectic and not necessarily follow typical methodology. Instead, my retreat would include women I would love to chat up or invite for a cocktail if the Universe would allow. No weapons, poison, excessively lengthy scarves, vitriol, plotting or political intrigue allowed for the event.

Eleanor of Aquitaine                                            
Empress Matilda / Maude                                  
Matilda of Flanders
Isabella of France                                         
Elizabeth I of England                             
Lucretia Borgia
Catherine the Great                                     
Queen Victoria                                     
Martha Washington
Alice Roosevelt Longworth                                  
Princess Grace of Monaco                                    
Queen Isabella of Castile 

Catherine of Aragon         
Kitty Wilson Evans                 
Catherine de Medici  
Catherine of Valois          
Joan of Navarre                
Elizabeth Woodville                 
Harriet Tubman  
Harriet Beecher Stowe          
Abigail Adams
Marian Anderson  
Sally Ride  
Amelia Earhart
Rosa Parks  
Florence Nightingale  
Coco Chanel
Gertrude Ederle  
Pearl Buck  
Margaret Thatcher
Tz’u Hsi          
Matilda of Canossa  
Katherine Swynford
Marie Curie   
Caroline Herschel
Christine de Pizan
Jane Austen
Livia Drusilla  
Cecily Neville  
Maria Teresa of Austria 
Sojourner Truth  
Maria Tallchief
Isadora Duncan  
Indira Ghandi  
Golda Meir
Julia Child  
Mary Chestnut  
Rose Greenhow
Mata Hari  
Margaret Fuller  
Helen Thomas
Louisa May Alcott  
Erma Bombeck  
Isak Dinesen
Antonia Fraser  
P.D. James  
Anne Rice
Edith Wharton  
Mary Pickford
Varina Davis
Shirley Chisholm  
Ayn Rand  
Nancy Hart

Admittedly, this is a disparate collection of personages that makes up my dream gathering of female icons that include authors, rulers, traitors, diarists, trail blazers, scientists, artists, activists, and women who were fascinating by virtue of birth / place / time / marriage / political pawn / or other inadvertent relationship. 
Who would you include for the conclave? Please offer suggestions. 

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