Monday, July 19, 2021

How Have Your Life Priorities Changed With Age?

 When I was much younger, the things that mattered were so often ‘things’ or the perceptions of affluence to feed my ego. As I’ve gained ‘wisdom’ or years on this planet, what feels important to me has changed. Yeah, year, yeah... I still desire fabulous footwear, a nicely appointed kitchen with state of the art appliances, an endless supply of luscious red wine, furry feline friends, locally roasted coffee, the occasional ‘broiled not fried’ crab cake, organic skincare and really lovely coats, but... my vision for retirement has changed. 

Now, relationships take center stage. Finding a community of people that share common interests. We want a brew pub, access to good healthcare, walk-ability, a nearby airport, Costco, a fishmonger  & butcher shop, accessible internet, and a place where plants actually grow without vermin deer munching everything . (Not where we currently live). We want to downsize our profile, but upgrade amenities. I need my water fountain! 

What is important to you as retirement approaches? Really! Share! Respond! We all want to know😎

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