Tuesday, July 20, 2021

My Guilty Pleasure - The Daily Mail

Sometimes in the middle of a particularly challenging workday I take a short breather, sit on the screened in porch, listen to the carved stone hosta water fountain, and indulge in the juicy tabloid style reports of low brow news reporting. Yes. The British tabloid The Daily Mail is immensely entertaining. 

I really never considered The Daily Mail Online until we were notified that this unapologetic news source ‘borrowed’ a story from NPR about my husband’s recreation of Alexander Gardner’s stereo images of Antietam/ Sharpsburg commemorating the 150th anniversary of the bloodiest single day battle in American history. The Daily Mail ‘borrowed’ from NPR the photos, text and audio. It was actually fine with us because of the international exposure. But additionally- I was sucked in to the mind- candy.

So now, my indulgence is centered on the train wreck that is the ungrateful Prince Harry and his  paramour that allegedly want ‘privacy’ while exploiting their ‘royal’ connections. 

These lightweight stories distract me from the mind numbing hypocrisy of American politicians. Do I care about a whinging privileged rich kid crying about his angst? Not at all. But... I would rather read this entertainment than read the alleged ‘real news’ promoting Hunter Biden’s ‘artwork’ 🤣 And, the link is still there!!! Check it out🥂


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