Friday, July 23, 2021

Really, You NEED a Roomba


I never knew that we needed a Roomba. Now, we have two. I’d seen ads. A few friends had one of these little robotic vacuums. My Pilates studio engaged a Roomba to keep the floor clean. But, it seemed like one of those cute but ineffective products that one purchased for entertainment value. 

I don’t know what caused me to start reading online  reviews and explore  which model provided the most bang for the buck. Perhaps, it was the realization that I really avoid vacuuming. That, and the fact that our Ragdoll cat, Mindy, has been molting everywhere this summer. Clumps of white fur changed the colors of the area rugs.  And... the kitchen floor felt perpetually gritty. Yeah, I’d rather read a book than clean. I’ve lost my obsession with a pristine environment over the years. But, the clumps of white fur began to disturb me.

Initially, my husband laughed. Then, he downloaded the App and programmed our Bot, named after favorite cats of yore, and scheduled daily activity to begin at 7:00am. Within a week, he forwarded a link for a refurbished higher level model to tame the upstairs. 

Now, we have two programmed for daily cleaning. The house is cleaner. The cat is entertained. Our allergies have lessened. We are hooked.


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