Thursday, March 31, 2022

What is a Woman, Really? Part II A Level Playing Field


Stepping back upon my soapbox for Part II of what it means to be a biological woman in 2022. Biological females have two ‘X’ chromosomes.  Biological males have  one ‘X’ and one ‘Y’ chromosome. To date scientists have been unable to alter this biological phenomenon for transgender individuals. Ultimately, this biological factor identifies one sex. Hormone treatment and surgery can, to a great extent, alter one’s appearance and physiological traits. However, I’ve not read any medical studies that have concluded a transgender woman can have functioning ovaries, Fallopian tubes, a uterus, and experience the monthly menstrual cycle, incubate a fetus and give birth. How many transgender women have spent s hours lying on the sofa with a heating pad while overdosing on extra strength Tylenol because of menstrual cramps? Or worried if it was safe to wear white pants? 

Women throughout history have been marginalized, ostracized, isolated, or considered evil temptresses. They’ve been stigmatized  as ‘unclean’ during monthly courses. Some religions requiring cleansing before returning to marital duties.

Women still have to be smarter, more attractive, better dressed, work harder, and overcome stereotypes to achieve promotions in many industries. 

No doubt the decision one makes to transition to another sec is a painful one filled with questions, doubt, confusion and awareness that they are going to experience discrimination from some unaware people. I admire anyone that seeks to be true to one’s self. But, those born with male chromosomes have different biological features that prevent transgender women from participating in womens competitive sports on a fair playing field.

Be all that you can be. But, think about fairness. Lia Thomas did not play fairly in collegiate swimming. Amy Schneider performed with excellence on a level playing field when she delivered an amazing performance on Jeopardy. Amy succeeded using her beautiful mind. Lia succeeded ungraciously using a man’s strength and physical prowess in a woman’s sport that requires physical strength, endurance and lung capacity. There is a difference.

FYI! We loved The Amy Show! 

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