Thursday, February 1, 2024

America Needs A Common Sense Third Political Party


I was raised in the Midwest in a family that generally voted Republican. My grandfather was the only Republican in his Southern Indiana county. He got fired every year as a teacher because of politics; but he was also rehired annually because the county had a dearth of qualified educators. 

My personal idealogy has always tilted toward Libertarian. I believe in individual freedoms, limited government, and the right of every citizen or legal immigrant to live his or her life as they prefer as long as they don’t steal, commit physical or mental injury on another except in the case of self defense, and treat their fellow human beings with acceptance, kindness and respect. I know, asking a bit too much from my fellow humanoids, but that is what I believe.

Our political class and media have diverged from any semblance of what the mainstream American voter desires.

If pollsters, politicians and media outlets talked to real people, those who get up at 5:30am to get ready for work, ensure their kids get off to school, grab a coffee, hop in a car, bus, train or ferry to commute anywhere from 15 minutes to 3 hours each way to pay for life, they would find most people want the same things.

The American people want to be able to have nutritious food; a roof over their heads with heads with running water, heat, reasonable tent or mortgage, in a safe environment, with ability to find affordable transportation to and from work. They want their children to have an equal opportunity for a decent education so their children have a chance to succeed. They want access to healthcare. They want clean rat free streets, access to basic necessities, fairness, hope, a sense of self worth, and acceptance.

Most people are happy to work for a fair wage. It gives them a sense of pride and accomplishment. This requires our government to consider the pros and cons of certain safety nets. They should be robust, but temporary. While I believe that America has a reason to support International order, these decisions should not be made at the expense of her residents. 

The Republican and Democrat parties have failed miserably, pandering to the extremes of their constituents. It is time to cast aside these sycophants and elevate a new era of political class that knows about and cares about the moderate, the people who believe in moderation in all things, who support fairness, equality ( not equality), who have disdain for Trump and Biden, who want to uphold our values, uplift those who need it, who has the courage to speak about the elephants in our midst, who care about the populace instead of party ideology or their own electability. 

In any event, I WILL NOT VOTE for TRUMP or BIDEN. I cannot cast my vote for the lowest of the low. It is time for No Labels to make a decision.

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