Wednesday, February 7, 2024

I Love Wine! Sometimes Too Much~


I love wine. Red! White! Rose! Sparkling! As long as it is dry, of reasonable character, with a delightful nose, and a taste that pleases my palate, I will drink it. I prefer wine to any other adult beverage. While I am far from a connoisseur, there are bottles I’ve poured down the drain. I’ve enjoyed inexpensive surprise specials from Costco to top tier vintages. 

It is the rare occasion that we open a lovely bottle of red that we don’t finish it. We are currently exploring more Spanish and Portuguese varietals and blends. They are full bodied, tasty and relatively inexpensive. 

I do not have an addictive personality (with exception of shoes). But a lovely goblet of wine delights my tongue, warms my heart, helps me transition from work, to exercise and into an evening of peace and relaxation with a beautiful meal. It is an evening ritual. It must be sipped from a vessel designed for wine. I cannot drink from paper or plastic or “outdoor” drink ware. Wine tastes better from a crystal goblet designed for a particular grape or blend. It is better in a beautiful glass. 

This evening we are celebrating the 19th Anniversary of the day we met and are enjoying a RdV Rendezvous, a left bank, merlot forward gem from our favorite Virginia winery. It is sublime. I am content. 

Wine is also a beverage of  Christian religious significance. At the wedding in Cana, Jesus turned water into wine. If that isn’t a reason to imbibe, what is? Officially sanctioned by Christianity for more than 2000 years! 

Age appears best in four things: old wood to burn, old wine to drink, old friends to trust, and old authors to read.” – Francis Bacon

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