Tuesday, February 20, 2024

I Read 4 Newspapers Daily & Get Little Return On Investment


Although I no longer watch televised news broadcasts, I do read four online newspapers daily. I actually subscribe to the Wall Street Journal, New York Times and Washington Post. The Daily Mail is free mind candy that provides a tabloid style distraction from the alleged credentialed press. Occasionally, The Daily Mail beats the other news outlets to critical stories.

Why do I actually pay for the above referenced news sources? Well, it is an election year and I’m hoping, notwithstanding recent history, to discover some valuable nugget or new  perspective on our world today. Hope springs eternal; and I’m hopeful that one of the major publications discovers a sense of patriotism, common sense, love for the USA and the strides we’ve made as a people over nearly 250 years and advocates for both  Trump  and Biden to put Country above ego and step aside. They are both well past their prime, toxic in the minds of 50% of the electorate, polarizing, often unintelligible, has-beens who need to retire and give the citizens of the USA a chance to move forward.

The current primary system delivers highly partisan candidates that only extremely partisan ideologues will support. The system fails to truly consider electability. Not that I would ever suggest returning to the deal making, back door, smoke filled rooms with politicians deciding who will lead a ticket. The modern world is no place for old school party “machines”. 

I’m flummoxed that this nation may well be stuck with 2 candidates for President that at least half the electorate disdains. We the people are middle of the road. We disapprove of extremes. We crave ‘reasonable’ policies, compromise, compassion for the most unfortunate, opportunities for all, a helping hand but not a lifetime of government handouts, the expectation that people who are able will get a job and work, that taxes will be FAIR, that respect is afforded to people regardless of race, creed, color, sex, national origin, disability, political affiliation, ideology, hairstyle, tattoos, marital status, preferred pet, geographical location, sexual orientation, or position on climate. 

Will any of these news organizations do some due diligence and report on an unbiased research into the heart, mind, and soul of our people? One can only hope.

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