Friday, June 6, 2014

Noticing Really Ugly Clothes at the Drycleaner~

Noticing Really Ugly Clothes at the Drycleaner~

It has been a while since I felt compelled to draft a snarky post. But for some reason, I was overcome with a lack of tact and good neighborliness when I stopped to pick up my husband’s shirts and jackets at the local drycleaner.  As the carousel went round and round I noted an abundance of plain unfortunate clothing encased in plastic bags waiting for somebody to claim them.

It is not inexpensive to have one’s clothes cleaned professionally. Certain items must be taken to the cleaners such as fine woolen winter coats, shaped /lined jackets, professional suits, leather, fur, some lined wool, cotton or linen pants or dresses, madras plaids, specialty fabrics, fabrics decorated with trim that may run, bleed or fade, and fine silks. Most other items can be successfully hand washed and cashmere, in particular, prefers the gentle handling of Woolite ® in cold water.  We take my husband’s dress shirts for convenience.

But given the cost, I am at a loss as to why people not only have professionally cleaned, but actually own some of the travesties of taste that I spied on the carousel.  It is apparent that an abundance of people are resistant to the concept that clothes have expiration dates. Truly, unless it is a bespoke suit of classic cut and fabric, if you bought it more than five years ago, it is no longer fashionable – no matter how much you paid for it.  It needs to be purged from your closet.  At the very least, it is time to try washing on the gentle cycle at home to spare my eyes!

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