Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Really – Fall Catalogs in June!

Really – Fall Catalogs in June!

It is June 24, 2014 and I received my first fall catalog in the mail today. It was advertising the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale that begins July 10th. The temperature was 88 degrees Fahrenheit with an equal to higher humidity. The last things that I wanted to contemplate – wool, coats, boots, hats, gloves and winter accessories.

While I appreciate the fashion industry and the retail industry like to stay ahead of the curve, June is just too early to consider fall – which in my neck of the woods does not truly arrive until late October – 120 days or 4 months from now.

For me it is far easier to consider spring fashions in the midst of winter. One can justify the longings for linen, cotton, and bare arms and legs by fantasizing about vacations in the islands with warm breezes - far away from the gray skies, piles of frozen precipitation, denuded trees, and harsh winter cold. But even then, I don’t truly want to look at “resort -wear” at Thanksgiving.

Perhaps this is why I avoid actually visiting most retail establishments and shop online. I can avoid the bombardment of advertisements and the temptations for items that are not currently useful. And I do not want to even try-on winter clothes in the midst of summer. It is uncomfortable – no matter how cold the A/C in the store.

As an added benefit, many online purveyors of fashion have sales in an attempt to shed in –season goods just when I want them.

I will not fall prey to the madness. I don’t care what kind of deal is on offer – I am celebrating summer and living in the present. Today – I want sundresses, sandals. shorts, linen and straw hats. And I am happy living in today.

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