Sunday, June 8, 2014

Appreciating the Wonders of Each Day

Appreciating the Wonders of Each Day

Yesterday I experienced one of those blissful days where the sky was cerulean blue. Fluffy cumulus clouds filled the sky with puffs of white cotton. The grass appeared vibrant green and the trees a darker forest. As I drove the winding roads of the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia on my trip to Ruckersville to pick up an antique table I’d purchased last weekend, I noted the brilliantly painted red barns that dotted the countryside and the sharp yellow stripes in the center of the winding road.

Virginia is my adopted home for now. I love the rolling hills, the thick forests, the smell of the honeysuckle, the peacefulness of the pastures dotted with dairy cows or black angus, the sights of the moderate peaks of the Blue Ridge Mountains, and the tangy taste of the wines made from the shale or clay soil. Virginia twang we call it!.

I was struck as I meandered alone Route 522, also known as Zachary Taylor Highway, that Virginia is much more than the cradle of our American civilization, home of so many of our founding fathers and Revolutionary idols, and a birthplace of the revolution that formed our county. The countryside is filled with such natural beauty that it makes my heart sing. And I realize how my life is truly blessed.

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