Monday, June 9, 2014

Realizing I Need a Vanishing Back Bra & Other Signs of Aging

Realizing I Need a Vanishing Back Bra & Other Signs of Aging

There are a number of minor indignities associated with the process of maturation. Accepting that my fingernails have degenerated from strong examples of natural beauty, always manicured and sporting the latest lacquer into brittle, paper thin nails replete with an abundance of ridges that cause me to surf the net investigating possible vitamin deficiencies to explain why I may have to succumb to faux. I am not yet ready for that!

And reading glasses are a fact of life. Despite successful Lasik, I need over-the-counter readers to see print. Fortunately, there are an abundance of adorable or outrageous readers to suit any personality. I keep at least 2 pair in my handbag, one pair in every room, and extras in a basket for those inevitable times when they just disappear! I find boldly colored and patterned frames bring a bit of zest to the everyday.

 But it was the realization that back fat has crept upon me that really sent me reeling! Oh my! I have now accepted that one of the finest inventions in recent history is the Soma Vanishing Back bra. I’ve never had to concern myself with back fat. It never occurred to me that it could be an issue, until I donned one of my recent purchases – an Eileen Fisher (yes – another sign of maturity) tunic that revealed a type of muffin top I’d never previously noticed – little bulges cascading over my correctly fitted bra. Argh! Apparently I’ve graduated to a special bra for women of a certain age (or girth) that disguises the straps and little bits of fluff that would otherwise poke out and ruin the line of a lovely fine knit top. I’ve concluded that over time, it will become a moral imperative to replace most of my bras with this miracle worker.

Of course, my question must be – why don’t all bra styles incorporate this feature? The sides and back are smooth without elastic that puckers or squeezes, forcing that extra five pounds into just the wrong spots.  The silhouette of the Vanishing Back bra is sleek. It is comfortable.  If only the color selection were better! 

Alas, I’ve come to terms with this evidence of aging and embrace the Vanishing Back solution!  Even if you don’t, I highly recommend Soma for your resource for modern personal linens with a terrific selection of styles at a reasonable price.

And ALWAYS Google for coupon codes before completing an online purchase!

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