Saturday, June 14, 2014

Gratitude for a Week of Celebrations, Challenges, Friends & New Experiences

Gratitude for a Week of Celebrations, Challenges, Friends & New Experiences

My spiritual journey and growth towards appreciating the present rather than having a focus on the past or future served me well this week – a week filled with celebrations, challenges, the support of friends and family and embracing new experiences.

To begin the week we celebrated my husband’s birthday. We’ve now been together 9 ½ years and every day is a blessing. Our relationship is also a testament that learning from past relationships, accepting people as they are, and taking chances on love in mid-life can lead one to true happiness.  My heart still sings when I think of him. I am filled with gratitude to have him in my life.

At work I found myself having to stretch my intellect and reach beyond my comfort zone to embrace my first assignment in my new role as a regional coordinator for corporate liability.  I found myself excited and slightly unsettled by the challenges of dealing with an unfamiliar line of business in a new jurisdiction in which I am collaborating with a new team. All in all, I’ve found the new challenges exhilarating and I am grateful for the opportunity.

Thursday my parental units, Richard  & Eileen Copeland, celebrated their 59th wedding anniversary. Not only have they weathered the years together, they have also nurtured each other through good times and challenging times; educated  & raised their 3 children to be independent well-rounded citizens; contributed to their community and church with heart & soul, time and money; experienced the good fortune to travel the world; and genuinely still like each other and laugh together every day. My husband and I aspire to be like them when we grow up.  I am grateful for their love, the lessons they taught, the independence they inspired, and their continued health and joie de vivre.

Yesterday morning my beloved father-in-law, Norm Harrington, underwent triple by-pass surgery in Toledo.  He had 90% blockage in 3 arteries and it was a stressful time. But we were blessed by an outpouring of prayers, positive energy, support and love from friends and family.  I asked Archangel Raphael to guide the surgeon and wore the healing color green. My mom, who has a direct line of communication to God, lit candles for him. She is the master candle lighter for healing! I am filled with gratitude that the surgery was successful and uneventful, which should result in Norm being with us for years.

Ah serendipity! By wonderful happenstance I decided to stop by Dharma Studio in Winchester on my way home from a meeting and dinner with friends working on a project for the Cedar Creek Battlefield Foundation.  As luck would have it, I found my friends Maria and Jill who had planned to practice music together. Jill suggested we instead go to a House Concert hosted by the warm and welcoming Wendy Werner and Gary Auerbach. I’d never been to a House Concert and wasn’t sure what to expect. But the evening was delightful. For a donation I had the privilege to experience an amazing performance by singer / songwriter Craig Bickhardt and his daughter Ainslinn. What good fortune to enjoy such inspiring acoustic music in an intimate setting.  What a week of blessings!

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