Tuesday, September 25, 2012

My Argument for Legalizing Marijuana

My Argument for Legalizing Marijuana

Prohibition didn’t work for alcohol and it isn’t working for pot.  Use of marijuana is no more harmful to humans than consuming alcohol and smoking cigarettes – both legal consumer products.  I am in full agreement that driving a vehicle or operating heavy machinery while under the influence of any drug or alcohol should be prohibited; however, who does it hurt if one smokes it or eats some fiber-laced brownies while spending a leisurely weekend at home?

Establishing laws against the sales, purchasing or use of marijuana does not prevent people from using it any more than Prohibition prevented people from drinking alcohol.

In my humble opinion, legalizing marijuana for both medical and recreational use would take the herb out of the underground, eliminate the criminal trafficking and high prices, allow for regulation, and taxation. And there are some who would give it up because it would no longer be fun if it were legal.

Legalization would give federal and state governments additional tax dollars. Tax it like alcohol and gasoline.  Users wouldn’t notice a significant difference in the price because the base price would be reduced without the inflation caused by criminal importation and distribution costs.

By legalizing pot and regulating its distribution, there is a greater guarantee of purity so there would be fewer heath risks associated with the infusion of more harmful substances that are sued to stretch the supply.

Furthermore, legalization would alleviate the burdens on law enforcement departments, overcrowded courts, tax payers that must pay for the incarceration of non violent criminals, and the social welfare systems that must pay to support the families of those imprisoned.

And no – I am not one who makes this argument for justifying my own personal use. My drug of choice is red wine and the very rare gin & tonic.  But as a Libertarian and a proponent of free choice, I say embrace the benefits of legalization and tax it! (so the government can keep its greedy paws out of my pocket)

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