Wednesday, September 19, 2012

My Husband's Antietam Photographs in The Daily Mail

My talented husband's 15 minutes of fame are not yet over! Today, his stereo images of Antietam Battlefield that he created for NPR were posted in The Daily Mail online among the juicy articles with headlines such as "Wife tried to hack off her husband's head while he slept...and still doesn't want a divorce" or "Japanese man who cooked his genitals and served them to paying guests is charged with indecent exposure". 

While The Daily Mail does not strive for quite the same level of journalistic excellence as NPR, it is still an honor never-the less. DM also posted a great image of Todd - his self portrait Daguerrotype - along with the stereo images and Gardner's original photographs. It is exciting that his work is being recognized and that a publication outside the USA showed interest in the 150th Anniversary Commemoration of Antietam,  Alexander Gardner's photography, and Todd's studies of the Civil War and Gardner's work.

And I've also discovered a bonus.....a new resource for Tabloid sensationalism that should afford me hours of entertainment in the future without having to lurk in a supermarket check out lane surreptitiously perusing the pages of the National Enquirer or The Star! 

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