Monday, September 24, 2012

Releasing Resentments – Don’t Give Somebody Else Space in Your Head

Releasing Resentments – Don’t Give Somebody Else Space in Your Head

My spiritual journey has taught me that it takes way too much energy to hold onto resentments and that consciously releasing them assists in letting go. This helps me to live a life of peace and serenity.  To accomplish this, I have a ritual that I learned from Doreen Virtue, in which I name the person and verbally release the resentment, which frees myself from any space that person or resentment took up in my head.  I often have to include myself in the ritual because I have a tendency to beat myself up for the stupid things I do or say and then dwell on that.  I methodically release the resentment out loud – so I can hear it and absorb it.

Furthermore I’ve learned form my years in Al Anon that only I can give somebody the power to inhabit my mind, to insult me, to offend me, to cause me heart ache.  They have no power over me unless I give it to them – just as I have no power over anybody else – unless they give it too me.

Over the past several weeks I’ve allowed other people to inhabit spaces in my mind. I know better; but I am a work in progress. I let others who tried to point out my character defects rather than focusing on their own cause me some angst.  I let too much time pass before releasing the resentments I felt.  But I made a concerted effort to cleanse my psyche over the weekend, focus on my spiritual well being, surround myself with positive thinking people, commune with nature, indulge in cooking, practice yoga, and now feel back on the right path.  

That is my lesson – focus on improving myself and keeping positive thoughts and I will continue to experience the peace and serenity I’ve come to know.

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