Saturday, November 16, 2013

Butter London ~ My New Favorite Nail Lacquer and Cream Blush

Butter London ~ My New Favorite Nail Lacquer and Cream Blush

I’m forever on a quest for the elusive holy grail of cosmetic products. My latest candidates include the amazing 3 Free nail lacquers and the cheeky cream blushes of Butter London. And, I love the name and the cute animation on the website.

What is 3 Free? Butter London uses no formaldehyde, no toluene, no DBP (dibutyl phthalate) in its nail colors. The fabulous product affords heavily pigmented color that is safe and fashionable.  These nail polishes are not inexpensive at $15 a bottle.  But “Tea With The Queen” is my new go to color for
a neutral manicure. Yummy! And I highly recommend the Hardwear™ P.D. Topcoat!  I’ve nearly forgotten the polish formerly know as the best~OPI.

And now for the Butter London “cheeky cream blush”!  The experts highly recommend a cream blush for women of a certain age. I’ve experimented with Make Up Forever (MUF), Bobbi Brown, Stila, and Tarte among others. Although the colors are beautiful, the MUF is difficult to apply without looking like a clown.  The Bobbi Brown felt greasy. The Stila and Tarte left me wanting something more. Then I discovered Butter at my local Ulta~ the only US retailer of the cosmetics line.  The cheeky feels light, is creamy rather than greasy, and buildable. For $20 it is a real deal. Nordstrom does offer the 3 Free nail lacquers which have been very highly rated.

I haven’t yet tried the “winky” eye products or the “lippy” glosses, balms and lipsticks- but they are on my agenda for the future. The company reminds me a bit of a 21st Century Mary Quant!

Anyway, check out Butter London as an inexpensive way to update your look and feel thoroughly modern.

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