Wednesday, November 6, 2013

What Is Wrong With the Republican Party ~ Look In the Mirror!

What Is Wrong With the Republican Party ~ Look In the Mirror!

Hopefully the Republican National Committee will take notice of the critical loss of the governor’s race by Cuccinelli in the Commonwealth of Virginia and re-evaluate the way forward. Cuccinelli pandered to the extreme religious right and as a result alienated moderate Republicans, Libertarian leaning voters, Independents and fiscal conservatives.

I am a fiscal conservative with Libertarian views on social programs and personal freedoms. Over the past decade or so the Republican party of Ronald Reagan has been hijacked by extreme right -leaning social conservatives that purport to be religious, but in every sense of the concept are not Christians.

A true Christian or follower of Jesus Christ would know his or her bible stories and strive to live according to the Word of Christ and live as he lived. That would require refraining from judging others, accepting people for who they are, and refraining from throwing stones unless he or she was free of sin. Apparently, there are an abundance of potential saints among the religious right.

Perhaps the holier than thou saintly extremists should take a cue from the newly elected Pope Francis who has turned the international Catholic Church on its head by his peaceful acceptance of all people as they are and pleas for Church followers to concentrate on being kind to those less fortunate rather than expending energies on “small-minded” issues such as abortion, gay marriage, and the use of contraceptives.  

If these issues are considered “small-minded” by the leader of the world’s largest religious community, perhaps it is time for “small-minded” Republicans to open their hearts and minds, get off their soap boxes and pulpits and focus on what is right for America and not perpetuate losing agendas that focus on legislating morality. Remember prohibition? That worked out well, didn’t it?

The Republican Party is supposed to espouse limited government, sound fiscal responsibility, and support of individual freedoms and the Constitution as written.  It is NOT supposed to infringe upon individual rights and serve as a proponent of religious zeal. Look in the mirror and see the problem…..and the solution. Inclusion. Acceptance. Kindness. Fiscal conservatism. Encouraging self-reliance and lending a helping hand. That is the way to win.

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