Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Erosion of Civil Liberties ~ How TSA Treated Me Like a Potential Terrorist

Erosion of Civil Liberties ~ How TSA Treated Me Like a Potential Terrorist

Really~what profile would this woman fall within? Yes, I buy too many shoes and handbags! Not a crime! 

In 1755 (Pennsylvania Assembly: Reply to the Governor, Tue, Nov 11, 1755), Franklin wrote: "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."

Like sheep to slaughter Americans are surrendering their civil liberties for the illusion of safety.  Every citizen who seeks to travel by air is forced to abrogate essential rights and submit to invasion of privacy and illegal search as over zealous TSA agents X-ray, pat down bodies, swab iPads and the insoles of shoes and rummage through the personal linens of honest, law abiding citizens who happen to use hand lotion before being forced to strip off shoes, belts, jewelry and underwire bras to enter the sacrosanct halls of our nations airports.

Despite what the ACLU and thought police advocate, when it comes to terror suspects, profiling should be okay. Really, when is the last time anybody has read a news report of a natural born American woman of a certain age wearing Chico’s and Talbot’s clothes, tiger striped loafers, a patent leather carry-on with 360 degree wheels filled with matching lavender leather covers on Kindle, iPad, and portfolio with a Brahmin bag on her shoulder been involved in a terrorist plot? How about NEVER! But yet, at Dulles Airport outside Washington, DC on Monday afternoon, I found myself the subject of an uncomfortable, humiliating, invasive investigation and search AFTER the full body scan because I used hand lotion with glycerin that I purchased at Bath & Body Works. Certain lawn fertilizers used at golf courses and heart medication can provide evidence of nitrates which causes TSA to haul one off bare-footed and embarrassed with all one one’s belongs to a little room for a private invasion of privacy. My only relief came from knowing I had packed nice undies. These TSA agents did not care if I missed my flight. They did not care that I had already been pre-checked by TSA to limit my screening but had been directed to the wrong line. How is it that if I had been directed to the correct line, I would not have been required to remove my shoes, belt of baggy of liquids but by was somehow suspect by proceeding through regular security? How is it that the full body scan did not suffice to show I had nothing dangerous concealed on my person that would be better discovered by a pat down of my breasts and thigh?

I am outraged! But speaking up in the moment would likely have resulted in my being detained longer or even arrested. So I repacked my bag, headed to my gate, and vowed to speak out about the injustice.  I am a descendent of several patriots who fought to liberate this land from tyranny. Individual liberty is one of the foundations of our Constitution.  There is not a scintilla of evidence to even suggest that these abusive actions by TSA and Homeland Security have prevented even one terrorist attempt.

Are you really willing to tolerate this? I am not. 

Please read this report and be enlightened. 

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