Saturday, February 15, 2014

Accepting the Beauty in a Seeming Never Ending Winter

Accepting the Beauty in a Seeming Never Ending Winter

Finding the beauty in what is rather than what I think I would prefer is, for me, the path to peace and serenity. Sometimes I’m amazed at my personal growth in this regard.  

Despite my affinity for the blinding sun and heat of mid summer and my general dislike of winter, I’ve found beauty, exhilaration and a perplexing joy in this long, snowy, frigid, seemingly never ending season. Maybe my change in attitude is, in part, attributable to my telecommuting. Being able to avoid the commute to downtown Washington on snow and ice covered roads has been a sanity saver in any weather.  But I know that is only part of the explanation.

As I sit at the window watching the snowfall yet again, creating a wonderland of pristine white in the backyard, I feel a sense of wonder at the powers of the Universe. Even knowing that when it stops, Todd & I will have to don our foul weather gear, rev up the snow blower, and find a way to clear the ski slope driveway when the banks are already towering with piles of snow from recent storms, I’m filled with peace.

And, I have to admit it is entertaining to watch the cats navigate the fresh coverings, leaving tracks that appear slightly alien in strange and unpredictable patterns.

While I am ready for the new life that comes with spring, today I can accept the beauty in the landscape and accept what is.

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