Saturday, February 1, 2014

The Unfairness & Abomination of our Tax Code

The Abomination of our Tax Code

I feel blessed and privileged to live in and be a citizen of the United States of American; however, the tax code is an abomination and the ideology that perpetrates the abominations is punitive to those who actually work for a living.

The wealthy that earn most of their income from investments pay nominal taxes. And those who do not work sit at home idly and receive payments from Uncle Sam paid for by my labors.

At the heart of the rhetoric about taxes we often hear the term “fairness”. But this is a multi-horned fire-breathing chimera trying to convince the public that “fairness” demands that those who earn should support those who do not.

Whenever politicians cite statistics that the majority of Americans support increasing taxes on high earners, they are in fact, arguing that the majority of Americans who are not high earners believe that those who studied in school, worked to attain higher education, and devote 50-75 hours per week at their jobs should subsidize those who did not follow that path.  The majority are those who essentially mooch off the minority. And, of course, they want to continue to mooch. This is not rocket science.

All Americans that meet minimum requirements (and in some precincts actually life is not a requirement) have the privilege of voting. If 98% of the voting population believes that 2% of the voting population should subsidize those less fortunate, then, of course the politicians can argue they have a mandate. But those supporters are only representative of the receivers of largesse. I am no math genius, but I can deduce that it is the self –serving populace that want to perpetuate the unfair redistribution of capital and earnings that support the agendas of the left.

Additionally, the morass that is our tax code is indecipherable to all but the most savvy accountants and tax attorneys. Perhaps my angst results from my having already spent 12 hours sorting documents to prepare our 2013 taxes. I should not have to hire an accountant or an attorney to prepare my taxes. My husband and I should not have to pay a disproportionate percentage of income because we work hard and have ambition. No doubt again, the calls to simply the tax code and make it fair for all Americans will fall on deaf ears or receive nominal lip service. Perhaps that is because those who make the rules don’t have to play by the rules.  I rest my case for today.

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