Thursday, February 6, 2014

Celebrating the Joy in Life

Celebrating the Joy in Life

Tomorrow will be the 9th Anniversary of the day I met my husband, Todd. Since that meeting profoundly changed both of our lives, we celebrate it with more joy and gusto than our wedding anniversary.

Before February 7, 2005 (B.T. in my parlance) I was grateful for my blessings; however, after Todd & I met, the colors of the sunrise and sunset seemed more saturated, the taste of Cabernet Sauvignon on my tongue was richer, the landscape seemed more lush, the air smelled fresher, the sun seemed to fill me with a different warmth, the winter air was more invigorating, and everything seemed right.

No doubt a great factor involved my change of attitude in accepting people for who they are rather than seeking to mold another human into my ideal. That had not worked out so well in the past.

I resolved to learn from my prior experiences. By age 45 I had a fair idea what I didn’t want in a relationship; but I wasn’t entirely certain what I did want. I needed to find out what characteristics in a life partner were critical and which were deal breakers. I took time to make my list and before focusing on the list I added, subtracted and edited until I was comfortable. Then I decided to ask my angels and the universe to bring us together. This time there would be no compromise. I deserved to be happy. I would not settle.

BT I had already made the decision to avoid marriage.  I wanted to preserve an escape route and legal entanglements created complications. My brother encouraged me to try online dating sights and I figured there was nothing to lose but a few hours of my time and much to gain – new people and experiences. After a series of unremarkable one date wonders, Todd & I scheduled a last minute Monday night meeting for a drink at The Tasting Room in Frederick, Maryland. Neither of us had any expectations. But Wow! Kismet! Almost immediately I knew I wanted it all – love, commitment, marriage, and a lifetime. It hit me like a lightning bolt. And I’ve never looked back.

Of course there are moments that are less than blissful. But those are rare. Everyday is a celebration of life and I’m now committed to reaching at least 96 – so we can celebrate our 50th Wedding Anniversary.

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