Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Appreciating Absolute Silence

Appreciating Absolute Silence

As I was drinking my espresso and gazing out my window into the snow covered yard this morning I was struck by the sheer beauty of the absolute silence. My husband was away; the cats were snoozing; there were no sounds of traffic to disturb my peace.  Nothing interrupted the stillness – not television, a radio, the hum of the dryer, or even the ringing of wind chimes. I was enveloped in total silence and it was blissful!

I am an individual that cherishes moments without the distractions of modern intrusive sound. At times I find the blaring of electronic sounds almost hurtful. For me to experience true peace and harmony I crave silence. It is not the absence of sound – for there are always sounds among us. But some sounds that are just part of our natural universe are not intrusive.

My husband loves the company of the TV or radio or I-Tunes. I prefer to work or read or meditate or just exist in the present moment without distraction. I not only think more clearly, but also feel less stress when my environment is quiet save the dulcet hum of the cat’s purr as he rests on my lap or the chirp of a bird at the feeder.

Perhaps ultimately, I am attuned to the sounds of nature; and even though I love music and appreciate the technology of our current world, a part of me is more comfortable with the past, a time without constant electronic distractions. It is easier for me to just be, when my environment is silent.

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