Wednesday, June 26, 2024

Hesitant About Retirement Because I Like Stuff

I am ready to retire; however, I still have challenges resisting the accumulation of more stuff. I love shoes, handbags, accessories, home goods, ephemera, artwork, antiques, new clothes,  and the process of acquiring more stuff. I don’t need new stuff, but I enjoy new stuff. 

I love new things.I easily tire of my wardrobe. My plants need wine fridge wants to be filled to capacity. Our deck needs t be decorated with an abundance of flowers. Austerity is not my thing. Consequently, the concept of relying on life savings and social security causes me angst. 

Notwithstanding the above, I am at the stage where I am ready to exit full time employment and enjoy the fruits of my 40 year career. I’m still struggling the understand what that means. Yes, I know my need for new handbags, shoes and pseudo professional fashion is coming to an end. But how do I navigate that change? Any suggestions? 

For your enjoyment, a link to George Carlin’s riff on stuff. This is a true classic.

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