Wednesday, June 19, 2024

House of the Dragon in the Year of the Dragon


Dragons fascinate me. I moved to Taipei in the Year of the Dragon. During my years living in Asia I collected dragons. The mythology in Great Britain celebrating Saint George slaying the dragon intrigued me. I loved the dragon dances, the representation of royalty and power, the sheer glory of such an imposing, fire breathing, colorful, flying magical, magnificent mythical creature! 

When I first became enamored with Game of Thrones, a great deal of the fascination involved my imaginative impossible dream of riding a dragon. I know, this is the stuff of the Magical Mystery Tour  mixed with Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. 

Echo released a beautiful silk scarf at the beginning of 2024 to celebrate the Year of the Dragon yet again. The scarf sold out in nanoseconds. I had to sign up on a waiting list for restock and ordered it the minute I was notified it was available! It is generally considered auspicious to have babies in the Year of the Dragon. 

As I watched the first episode this evening of House of the Dragon Series 2, I was once again reminded that dreaming of  riding mythical creatures is a reasonable pastime. Why not imagine the impossible? Why not fantasize about something wildly magical and uplifting! Think about it, humans have been dreaming impossible dreams since Scheherazade told the stories of  1001 nights!   It is in our DNA to imagine the unimaginable. Embrace it! I do.

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