Sunday, June 30, 2024

Time To Invoke The 25th Amendment


If the Biden family is too much filled with hubris, entitlement, blind ambition and narcissism to convince Joe Biden to withdraw from the 2024 election, the Cabinet must do what is right for the country and invoke the 25th Amendment. It is their sworn duty to the citizens of the country they promised to serve. Many lose sight of the fact they’ve sworn to defend the Constitution of the United States, not a man, woman, political party, officer, family member, donor, PAC or committee. The allegiance is owed to the PEOPLE. 

Biden’s performance on the world stage prior to his debacle of a debate performance has made the USA a laughing stock. His catastrophic debate performance caused Trump to appear statesman like. Biden looked and acted like a cadaver on Red Bull. I was waiting for him to drool on his tie. As an American citizen, I felt humiliated by how this performance made the USA look to friends and enemies alike.

Many Democrats voted for Biden in the primaries because the DNC declined to allow other candidates on the ballots. The DNC, the Biden family, the cadre of sycophants surrounding Biden, and the media turned blind eyes from open and obvious mental, psychological, and physical decline to prop up a sock puppet they can control. 

Enough! He needs to be removed from office now. He lacks cognitive ability. He is feeble bodied and feeble minded. He is barely more animated than Dianne Feinstein during her last months. It is time for a director with a shepherd’s crook to yank him off stage. 

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