Friday, February 28, 2014

Giving Stuff Away

Giving Stuff Away

I love giving stuff away almost more than I enjoy acquiring things. For me, shopping is fun; it is a hobby; and for a time in my life I used shopping rather unsuccessfully in an ill-fated attempt to fill a void- a seemingly bottomless deep black hole that left me feeling alone and insecure. Buying new clothes, shoes, china, lamps, artwork, porcelain or jewelry brought me satisfaction and joy – at least for a little while.

At times it seemed as if I were merely a collector of things. At one point in the late 1980’s I had 176 sweaters – and I was living in a sub tropical environment where the temperature never dipped below 70 degrees Fahrenheit in the midst of a severe winter. Then I’d be overcome with the need, the moral imperative, to purge the excess post haste. I would rummage through cabinets, closets, bins, boxes, chests, and crates tossing items I’d never worn or barely used and would donate them to charity. Then I would feel free and start all over again.

Now, the void is gone and I live a life filled with positivity, love, joy and abundance. But I still shop- although more responsibly - feel cleansed when I eliminate things that are no longer useful to me. I only donate what is in tip-top shape, something I would give to my mom or a good friend. It abhors me that so many people use charitable donation sites as a dump. If it isn’t good enough for your best friend, it should go in the trash!

So this evening, both my husband and I were struck with the desire to sweep out some old and make room for the positive flow of energy. Maybe it is part of the ritual of spring renewal. But I feel lighter now that my closet is free of things that no longer bring me joy. Now, time for some vino and home baked bread.

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