Monday, January 14, 2013

I Watch Awards Shows for the Clothes

I Watch Awards Shows for the Clothes

I admit it. I watch the Hollywood awards shows to see what people are wearing. Okay – I want to see what the women are wearing. Most men look essentially the same – even if they try to be edgy.

But there are few things more satisfying to the average American woman than seeing a female celebrity with a ton of money and a stylist wear something awful.
It is validation that money does not mean one has taste.

And I must confess that I only watched the first hour of the Golden Globes yesterday evening. Downton Abbey was on PBS; I do have standards! And the clothes on Downton Abbey are generally fabulous too.

But I digress. I knew I would be able to check the web today and see the hits and misses of the red carpet style show. From what I can see there were far more misses than hits.

So, from my humble perspective on the periphery of one of the worst fashion locales in a major city in the USA, Washington, DC, I present the following hits and misses. Please note I have not attached pictures because I do not want to be sued by Getty images for copyright infringement. Check out for the parade of stars or wannabee stars photographed ion the red carpet.

The Best:

Claire Danes              dynamic red halter
Emily Blunt                fabulous in gold
Zooey Deschanel       fabulous strapless red dress
Isla Fisher                  Borat’s wife is adorable
Carey Lowell              more fabulous red; but Richard Gere looked small
Jody Foster                 Classic blue sparkle!
Sally Field                   A++  simple low cut dark blue gown
Helen Mirren             I want to dress like Helen when I grow up

The Worst /What were they thinking? ( ok – I ignored actresses I’ve never hear of) Really – check these out if you want to feel better about shopping at TJ Maxx!

Jessica Chastain         pastel halter making room for future sagging breasts
Amy Adams                beige dress that made her blend into a wall
Emily Mortimer         ugly silver thing
Julianne Hough         whoever she is she looks like she ate a swan;
Sienna Miller             ugly and who cares?
Amanda Seyfried      OMG – Aaaak!
Rachel Weisz              she’s with Daniel Craig! He deserves a better dress!
Lucy Liu                      wore my cabbage roses couch from 1990!

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