Sunday, January 6, 2013

Positive Self-Affirmations

Positive Self-Affirmations

Whenever I am feeling unsettled, I try to remember to practice using positive self-affirmations.  By repeating these affirmations, I am generally able to let go of negative, self –defeating or stressful thoughts and focus on positive living.  What works for me may be different than what works for others.  Sometimes I say them out loud.   I use a lot of tools to eliminate my stinking thinking and have been struggling some of late. So, it is clear I need to practice what I know works. And for me, using positive affirmations works.

Here is my partial list of affirmations:

I have love.
I am loved.
I deserve love.
I am surrounded by love.
I am filled with love.

I have good fortune.
I am blessed with an abundance of good fortune.
I feel gratitude for my good fortune.
Good fortune surrounds me.

I have peace and serenity.
I am surrounded by peace and serenity.
I am filled with peace and serenity.
I feel inner peace.

I am happy.
I deserve happiness.
I am filled with happiness.
I am surrounded by happiness.
Happiness is wherever we choose to set it.

I have excellent health.
I deserve excellent health.
I am filled with excellent health.
I am healthy.
Every cell in my body is filled with vitality and excellent health.
I am filled with energy, vitality and positive self-esteem.
My body is an amazing temple of healing.

I have abundance.
I deserve abundance.
I am filled with abundance.
I am surrounded by abundance.
I have everything I need.
I attract abundance to my life.

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