Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Let Go and Let God!

Let Go and Let God!

I’m trying to use the tools in my toolbox to get myself back on track emotionally and psychologically. As of today I think I’ve turned the corner. The big factor was making the decision to “let go and let God”.  Whether one is religious, spiritual, or unaffiliated, this is miraculous advice.  The lesson is that if I stop trying to force solutions, stop trying to fit a tank into the eye of a needle, stop attempting to use the force of my will to create the outcome I desire, everything will work itself out.

Sometimes to let go I utilize what some may think are curious methods to let go.
I have a “God box”. If I write what is troubling me on a peace of paper and put it in the box, I go through the motions of divesting myself of my concern and putting it in the care of my higher power.

Other tips or tricks – I will write the name of the person annoying me or the concern that is upsetting my apple cart on a piece of paper, put it in a cup of water and place it in the freezer. I’ve them frozen the worry out of my life.

I’ve also written my concern down and burned it; or flushed it down the toilet; or torn it into itty-bitty pieces and let the wind carry it away; or put it on a little paper boat into a pond and let it float away.

Occasionally if I just verbally let it go or use my positive affirmations, I can release my frustration, angst, worry, or resentment.

But what I can state unequivocally is this – using a ritual of some form to let go of whatever is bothering me, and accepting that whatever will be is what is supposed to be, gives me peace. 

I do not practice this with any semblance of expertise. That is why I constantly struggle with exercising what I know will give me relief. There are moments of doubt, of stubbornness, of pride, of hubris, of loss of faith, of forgetting that there is a power greater than myself….of the belief that I know what is best, that throws a wrench in my path to contentment.

Thankfully, I have the tools I need to hit a reset button, to recharge, to reboot, to remember what I need to do to get back on track.  I am grateful for the programs that have given me these tools – Al Anon, my yoga practice, a strong upbringing in the power of faith and the books of Doreen Virtue.

But in any event, it isn’t what I believe that may work for others. It works for me. I know, however, that every one of us has within us the power to change our attitudes, reboot, and get back on our paths towards a happy healthy life. I wish for you all to find yours.

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