Saturday, April 13, 2013

Loving the Spring Colors~ And My Quest for the Perfect Spring Handbag

Loving the Spring Colors~ And My Quest for the Perfect Spring Handbag

I find it ironic that Lilly Pulitzer, the fashion designer who created the Palm Beach Look accidentally in an attempt to disguise orange juice stains while manning her juice stand, passed away in a springtime replete with her iconic colors in fashion once again – turquoise, Kelly green, Windex blue, bright orange, lemon yellow, coral and hot pink.  These are the colors that came to be associated with the Preppy Look.

But I love these colors for another reason. Well, from a purely narcissistic perspective, they coordinate nicely with my hair and coloring. These colors also represent the beauty of life, reminiscent of spring flowers, sunsets, ocean breezes, and tropical splendor. These are the colors I’m drawn to even when they are out of fashion. So, I am particularly pleased to see there are handbags and shoes available in even my local mall with colors that call to me.

This afternoon I was on a mission. After spreading my first 14 bags of mulch of this spring, eradicating some errant weeds, and removing the remnants of autumns leaves from around my rose bushes, it was time for some self-indulgence. First on the agenda – a much-needed pedicure, followed by a leisurely lunch at Panera Bread where I enjoyed the power spinach salad and onion soup while finishing my latest John Grisham novel. Then it was my quest for my spring handbag. Yes, of course, I already have a bag that would work. But, I wanted a new bag. My initial thought was orange or coral. So I scoured TJ Maxx and modeled every bag that I thought could possibly fill the bill. I found several that we okay or almost right.

But, I remembered the cardinal rule of shopping for a life of love…..only buy what I love! So, I left TJ Maxx and headed to the once place in my small town that I knew would have some potential options. ….Belk at the  soulless mall.  Now, I am not a Belk shopper.  The only items I’ve ever seen at this store that call to me  are the Brahmin handbags. Few retail establishments sell them. Nordstrom. Dillards. Belk.  They are rarely on sale.

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