Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Summer is Nearly Upon Us – Please – No Visible Panty Line with White Pants!

Summer is Nearly Upon Us – Please – No Visible Panty Line with White Pants!

Few things ruin an outfit more flamboyantly than a visible panty line (“VPL”). This is not solely an issue for women. Some of the most flagrant offenders are men wearing colored or patterned boxers with light colored summer trousers or shorts. Take my word for it – this is not a chick magnet.  Really, red boxers under yellow shorts look more unfortunate than one could ever describe!

Offenders of the female persuasion apparently forget to look in that full-length mirror that should be mounted on the closet door before leaving the privacy of the boudoir.  Reasons for the VPL include pants that don’t fit correctly, the wrong style of under garments and inappropriate color.

The best solution for all is a thong in a color closest to one’s skin-tone. I know, some of you think a thong is either uncomfortable, only for the young or unseemly in some other way. But really, if you aren’t willing to try it, I am begging you to reconsider the wisdom of wearing white linen pants. Commando is NOT an option for white linen pants.  For comfort I recommend buying a size larger than your normal panty size, although both Soma and Victoria’s Secret offer several comfortable, no-show styles.

And while I am on my soapbox about under-garments, I am pleading with those of you who prefer to eschew undergarments to resist trying on trousers in retail establishments. I’ve had the unfortunate experience to accompany such a shopper who thought nothing of soiling garments they did not purchase and thought I was hyper critical for mentioning that civilization requires certain courtesies – such as wearing panties to try on pants! Whew! So relieved to have that off my chest!

So let’s recap – select appropriate underwear. Look in the mirror before heading out the door to ensure there is no VPL. And please, do not try on trousers in a store if you are going commando. Really, be considerate.

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