Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Office Politics – Unavoidable in Any Workplace

Office Politics – Unavoidable in Any Workplace

My employer engaged an outside vendor to present a course in dealing with office politics. I participated in the first module of the webinar this afternoon.
While much of the information conveyed in the training is familiar, what is most astonishing is the fact the corporate world is embracing such seminars.  And the way the course is presented is interactive. Even for one who has been navigating or attempting to navigate the corporate environment both successfully and less successfully over the course of a 25 year career, the initial module has been helpful in identifying how my perceptions and attitudes have changed.

I attribute much of my conversion in attitude and approach to activities outside the workplace, which have transformed my view of life.  Additionally, as a seasoned veteran of workplace machinations, I’ve learned through trial and error that certain approaches are adverse to my overall contentment and ability to attain my number one career goal, which is to be gainfully employed until I am ready not to be.  I’ve learned discretion and a certain amount of political savvy – when to keep quiet, how to adjust to changes, just enough to keep myself at the top of my game, appreciated, noticed, respected.

Many employees leave perfectly good jobs with the explanation that they hated the office politics. They change jobs with impunity with the misguided belief that the next place will be better, cleaner, more transparent, less political, and that one’s work will be recognized for its brilliance and just speak for itself. But that isn’t reality. It is necessary to engage in the process to thrive.  The best approach is to accept that it is everywhere and learn how to navigate the waters.  I, for one, am grateful that my employer values me enough to teach me the tools to not just survive but thrive within the system. Apparently, I’ve exhibited enough political awareness to merit some additional honing of my skills. Since you can’t avoid the game, embrace it!

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