Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Still Obsessed by Game of Thrones!

Still Obsessed by Game of Thrones!

After the agony of awaiting the return of Game of Thrones, I’m even more enamored and obsessed than ever. And this is from a woman with no prior interest in anything that smacks of fantasy. If a story includes dragons, mysticism, and the undead / zombies, I generally laugh, shake my head and say…not for me. But Game of Thrones changed that for me. I’ve even started reading book one in Martin’s series. While it is not a genre I’ve ever read previously, I find it well written and it fills in some gaps.

I came to Game of Thrones quite by accident.  A business associate had raved about the series during season 1; I told him this was not something that would pique my interest.  I don’t do fantasy.  I’m a Downton Abbey kind of girl. But, low and behold, the dearth of any qualify programming on television resulted in my husband and my watching a couple of episodes. The shear mass of characters was was confusing but it was the 4th of July two-season marathon last summer that hooked me.  By the end of the marathon we’d seen each episode twice in order. Finally, I was intrigued, drawn in, pulled like a Star Trek tractor beam into the web. I’ve found myself having strong feelings about the characters. Truly, I wish for Joffrey a most unfortunately gruesome, lengthy and painful end.

Perhaps the fact that it is a medieval fantasy changed m attitude.  All things medieval interest me. My current book is a biography of Matilda, wife of William the Conqueror. Strong women of that period have fascinated me since I was a student and my first biography of Eleanor of Aquitaine pulled me into the medieval world.  And there are certainly strong women in Game of Thrones.

In any event, I am thrilled there will be a Season 4. Ten episodes a season are not enough. Just the sound of the theme music makes my heart race.  Truly, I wait with anticipation for Sunday nights at 9:00pm. Must see TV – even though the episodes are repeated throughout the week, I don’t want to wait.

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