Thursday, April 4, 2013

Why I Love Nordstrom!

Why I Love Nordstrom!

In this age where favorite department stores of the past have been devoured by mega conglomerates and consolidated into a few anchor stores that all sell the same merchandise, Nordstrom continues to shine.

Customer service is still top notch. The selection of merchandise ranges from the mid-price range to designer. The shoe selection is amazing; Nordstrom accepts returns any time for any reason. And, unlike many retail establishments, Nordstrom credit card holders are not charged usury rates that are reminiscent of the Medici in Renaissance Florence. In fact, Nordstrom’s rate is less than half the typical retail card rate. But I’m sure Nordstrom can offer this rate because this establishment does not use gimmicks to get consumers into the stores. There is no need for coupons or daily 4-hour sales or accruing points for cash in exchange for spending. Nordstrom does it the old fashioned way – with quality merchandise, semi annual sales, value for the money, and unequaled customer service. Shipping is free for online purchases.  Returns are easy – although I rarely return any purchase to Nordstrom.

The online shopping experience is excellent. The site provides multiple views of each item with customer reviews and ratings posted. And Nordstrom also gives recommendations as to fit if a particular item fits differently than the typical size charts. The ratings include insights on fit, function and quality.

At this point in my life, Nordstrom is the only store card that I use (with the exception of Sears and Best Buy for 18 months same as cash on appliances, computers and lawn maintenance equipment).

Tip of the Day~Since I’ve already ordered mine, my current recommendation for women who want a comfortable, true to size ballet flat at a reasonable price, is the Vince Camuto Ellen ballet flats which are currently on sale at Nordstrom for around $40 with free shipping. They feel like slippers right out of the box and have a nice cushioning. Next to Tieks, for me the gold standard of ballet flats, these are great at a fraction of the price on sale.

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