Sunday, June 2, 2013

Daylilies, the Plants that Thrive on Neglect!

Daylilies, the Plants that Thrive on Neglect!

I love the daylily. It grows in almost any soil, can be planted from spring until fall, blooms in full sun to partial shade, grows in clumps that can be divided, is available in more than 50,000 cultivars, and with a garden of multiple varieties can provide beautiful flowers, each for one day, from June through August.

The average gardener may have seen the few daylilies that are offered for sale at the mass-market nurseries, such as the Stella de Oro.  But my new “go to” source is Thumper’s Daylily Farm just outside Winchester, Virginia. Thumper’s offers more than 1200 varieties of daylily lovingly grown and tended by Patsy Simpson. Ms. Simpson recalls by looking at a photo of each daylily the variety and characteristics. Plus, she guarantees each plant.  I’ve just planted my recent purchases and plan on returning for additional selections when I take my gardening enthusiast friends and relatives for a look see.

There is actually a society dedicated to the daylily, The American Hemerocallis Society. This website has an abundance of information about planting and maintaining daylilies.

I’ve included some photos from the Thumper’s website. Happy planting! Then sit back with an adult beverage and enjoy the show.

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