Thursday, June 6, 2013

The Perfect Driving Moccasin

The Perfect Driving Moccasin

It is no secret I love shoes. In fact, I am still so obsessed by my Tieks ballet flats that I’ve only donned sandals a few times so far this summer. And I’ve always looked forward to sandal season.

But my latest focus has been the search for the perfect driving moccasin. You might think that my darling ballet flats would fill the bill. But, wearing a shoe that is not specifically designed for driving can cause an unsightly defect on the back of the right shoe. The leather will wear or stain from rubbing on the driving mat. While that may not be a crisis for many, for shoe aficionados, this is tragic. I cannot wear a shoe that has been marred, worn, stained, damaged or otherwise distressed.  As ridiculous as it may seem, it makes me self-conscious and uncomfortable for the whole day – just the same as realizing I’ve worn a spectator pump the day after Labor Day.

Driving moccasins have tread on the back of the shoe, which prevents wear and tear and protects the leather. Most driving mocs are uninspiring. Since they are, for the most part, utilitarian, it really shouldn’t matter. But, I am genetically pre-disposed to avoid any run-of-the-mill footwear.  Why shouldn’t I feel dynamic and enthused while driving? So I searched online until I found Marc Joseph New York footwear. The brand has focused on designing and manufacturing beautifully crafted driving moccasins and loafers with personality and character. I found my first pair at Nordstrom, a gorgeous lavender / multi snakeskin that screams “look at me”! 

These shoes are not inexpensive. But, if you are looking for a treat and an excuse to save your good shoes from the wear and tear associated with driving on those long commutes, consider Marc Joseph Shoes. They are awesome!

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