Sunday, June 16, 2013

Disgusted by the Morphing of HLN to Infotainment!

Disgusted by the Morphing of HLN to Infotainment!

For many years I relied upon CNN’s Headline News for my news fix.  While the headlines were often repetitive, the first 24/7news network provided, well, news.  Not so any more.

This morning my husband and I tuned in to HLN to see what had happened in the world while we slept.  Apparently NOTHING happened with the exception of Kim Kardashian giving birth and HLN preparing to host the Daytime Emmy awards on Sunday evening.  When did Kim Kardashian usurp hard news stories such as NSA snooping into the phone records and online social media of ordinary citizens?  And why is HLN hosting the Daytime Emmy awards? Or any awards show for that matter? 

Granted, the signs have been flashing at me for quite some time.  Did Headline News become HLN because its target audience can’t spell out the network name any longer? Or could it be because HLN no longer focuses on news? Instead, HLN provides infotainment – that tragic cross-contamination of news and entertainment, which is heavily skewed towards entertainment. Now, HLN creates its own version of news.  HLN made media stars of Casey Anthony and Jodie Arias with the nearly non-stop coverage of these cases.  HLN created the travesty of the Trayvon Martin debacle, which should have been a local story. Instead, HLN helped to create a media maelstrom that may well result in one of the greatest miscarriages of justice in recent history.  Would HLN have even noticed this shooting if the alleged vigilante had been African American and the victim Caucasian? I think not.

Ever since the network began its faux journalistic news programs such as the awful Nancy Grace and Jane Velez-Mitchell rants, I’ve started to veer away from the former CNN Headline News.

Really, if I want my daily dose of trash, I’ll read the Daily Mail! HLN – should focus on…NEWS!

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