Sunday, August 25, 2013

An Overloaded Memory

An Overloaded Memory

Unlike computers, we do not have the option of purchasing more RAM, defragging our hard-drives, moving information that is no longer useful to a trash folder and then permanently deleting it, or saving it to the Cloud.

So, whenever I have an error message, such as misplacing the tape measure I just used or unwrapping Christmas presents to look for the remote control that I might have inadvertently dropped in a box, I don’t panic and fear I’m exhibiting signs of early stage dementia. Instead I remind myself that my hard drive is overloaded and there is nowhere to off load the junk.

No doubt we all have junk that we would like to delete from our hard-drives. For truly horrible life experiences, there is talk therapy, REM therapy, shock therapy or really heavy-duty drugs. But the memory is still there, slowing down the amazing computer that is our brains, causing us to periodically “clock”.

If I could selectively delete certain folders and permanently shred them into cyberspace, I would include the disturbing images of people I know and don’t want to see naked that have told stories that I just can’t get out of my head about say, shooting a bunny from the kitchen door au natural early on a winter’s morning or a former boss who talked about jumping into a quarry swimming hole sans trunks. I don’t need these memories that pop into my head at the oddest moment and I’m sure they have taken up valuable space in my brain that would be better served remembering to take the clothes out of the washer before they mildew! 

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