Thursday, August 22, 2013

Really – Offers USED Toilet Seats for Sale!

Really – Offers USED Toilet Seats for Sale!

Yes, I’ve been in the market for one or more toilet seats. The discount versions I’ve picked up at T.J. Maxx, Ross or Wal-Mart over the last 8 years have had quality control issues. So, replacement is no longer a luxury!

During the entire time I lived in the house of my childhood, I never recall my parental units having to purchase replacement toilet seats. They were user friendly, utilitarian products that stood (or sat) the test of time. But, no more! The plastic not-so-hard…ware on modern toilet seats disintegrates with casual use.

It was my intent to head back to the usual sources, perhaps try Lowes or Home Depot. But my brilliant husband suggested  So, I searched “toilet seats” on Amazon, which returned 30,184 results.  A bit of fine-tuning reduced the options to a mere 1,311 options. The most disturbing aspect of this search -  47 options in USED condition!

Now, I am fairly certain these were actually RETURNS (hopefully unused because the color was wrong). But, who actually buys a used toilet seat? That just seems like one of those items you don’t buy “previously own” or pick up for a song at Goodwill – kind of like underwear. Remember the brouhaha when it was revealed Hillary Clinton took a tax deduction for donating her used panties to charity? Even the “sanitize” option on my state-of-the-art top loading washer will not make that an appealing choice. 

Wow! I continue to be surprised every day! And, it gave me quite the opportunity to guffaw on the phone with my spouse. But, I did find just the right product and with Amazon bonus points, got 2 for 1~!

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