Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My Obsession With Pinterest

My Obsession With Pinterest

Really, why have I developed an obsession with Pinterest? I spend time I could be reading a fabulous book or sewing or cultivating plants or cleaning my dust bunny overrun house pinning things I like to Pinterest.

In lieu of reading the Washington Post or the New York Times, I surf the online Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom catalogs for “to die for” footwear, handbags and accessories or the Metropolitan Museum of Art archives for gorgeous clothes and accessories of the past or international museum sites for art that makes my heart sing.

It isn’t as if I can take a high road and say “well at least I’m not shopping or playing online games”.  Essentially, I am wasting time.  But, it is my time to spend chilling in any way that seems appropriate.  After a challenging week at work where I’ve overworked my brain, sometimes I think it is beneficial to do something mindless.  And, pinning things that I find beautiful brings me happiness. It isn’t as if I lust for the people, places or things I pin. I just appreciate them. Appreciating beauty is a good thing. And from my humble perspective I can justify that it is no more mindless than watching most TV programs.

And from some perspectives, I can call it research- especially when I am searching museum archives for mid 19th Century clothes, accessories and photographic evidence that documents the way people of the American Civil War era lived and dressed.

Yea- that’s the ticket. Research!

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