Friday, April 11, 2014

How to Respond When Opportunity Comes Knocking!

How to Respond When Opportunity Comes Knocking!

Just a few days after I wrote about listening to my Angels, reading the signs and believing that my prior career aspirations were perhaps not what the Universe plans for me, I received a call from my manager offering opportunities I had never anticipated.  

In additional to offering to recommend me to participate on a team that I’d never seriously considered as a career path, she also offered to write a recommendation letter for my application to participate in a coveted mentoring program.  My direct supervisor wasn’t certain I would be open to the opportunity; but I said an unequivocal YES.

Knowing that I have people that are confident in my abilities is golden. Responding to the opportunities offered is a way to honor that confidence. Being receptive to new challenges may afford me the chance to broaden my experience in a way that may help me to achieve my goals without undo stress and frustration.

It may have taken me several decades of life to appreciate that change is healthy, but once I accepted that concept, I’ve learned to embrace it. I do not want to find myself at the end of what I plan to be an extraordinarily long life feeling regret because I didn’t travel down the road of opportunity.

What a blessing that a team of extraordinary women for which I feel an enormous amount of gratitude supports me! I am blessed!

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