Thursday, April 17, 2014

Objectification of Women & The Exponential Increase in Bra Sizes Over the Last 20 Years

Objectification of Women & The Exponential Increase in Bra Sizes Over the Last 20 Years 

I’ve read several studies that have shown the average bra size of the American woman has increase from a size 34B in 1993 to 34DD in 2013. While some of the increase can most likely be attributed to burgeoning weights and hormones in the food supply, a significant reason for the increase is associated with breast enhancement surgery.

Why do young women subject themselves to invasive surgery for larger breasts? Is it to enhance self-esteem? To attract simple-minded men who do not value women for their minds? Do they have no idea that as time passes those excessively large breasts will plunge to their knees with age?  Young women graduating from high school often request breast surgery instead of a new car, a trip to Europe or a college education. And what about the parents who concede and agree to pay for the surgery as if it were a routine gift such as a pen & pencil set?

What happened to the concept of Feminism? Women of the 70s and 80s who paved the way for the young women of today by breaking barriers in the workplace and institutions of higher learning through sheer force of will, working harder and longer than men, keeping a sense of humor, learning to take sexism in stride, dressing for success with blue skirted suits and floppy bow ties, and yearning to be taken seriously for our abilities, our brains and our creativity instead of beauty or physical attributes cannot help but be stupefied by women who make themselves objects by aspiring to look like Barbie.

And from a practical consideration, those puppies can get in the way of a good tennis match or golf game. And the average size from 20 years ago does not droop at 54! If I had a tattoo it would not be malformed.

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